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$company_name is committed to Our Credo, which guides us to provide high quality products and services to health care professionals and patients and to support the communities in which we work and live.

We recognize that medical science evolves rapidly with new information becoming available constantly. As part of the health care system, we also understand the need to support health care professionals in their pursuit of the most current education to provide the best patient care possible. There is further need to support patients, caregivers, and communities to ensure that they have the information and products required to live healthy, quality, and productive lives. As such, we are proud to have the opportunity to support educational programs and community programs through educational grants and charitable contributions, respectively.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards to ensure that we are providing educational grants and charitable contributions in an appropriate manner. There are a number of policies and guidance documents from various external regulatory and policy-making organizations that form the basis for the development of our company's guiding principles used to evaluate grant and charitable request submissions.

Our primary focus is making life-changing, long-term differences in human health and disease management for those who may be helped by the products and services we provide. The purpose of our disclosure of supported educational grants and charitable contributions is to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to this endeavor. It is our hope that this disclosure will help the general public to better understand the nature and volume of programs that we support in the interest of advancing patient care and supporting local communities.

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